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What is Pot?
A vivid, factual, objective description of the Cannabis plant

The War on Weed
The axiomatic truths you miss watching CNN

Effects of Marijuana on the Carbon-Based Biped
A scientific essay delving the effects of THC for you and me

Procuring Pot
How to score

Pot Price Guide
Weed Futures and Black-Market Prices

How to Smoke Pot
The authoritave guide to getting high

Maryjane and John Law
Concerning Nazi Jackbooted Thugs,
Terrocrats and other uniformed criminals

Hiding Your Weed
Stashing your stash and keeping what's yours

Cooked with Cannabis
Weedy eats, treats, and
confections from Munchie Guru
Bill Cannabinoid

Marijuana and Music
The symbiosis explained;links to online music, brain candy and other sources of harmonious, gratuitous mirth and uninhibited merriment.  Coming soon-streaming audio clips, and The Official Band of Earth.

Marijuana Movies
Oddly, weed has played a huge part, either directly or
indirectly in most film productions, but has yet to
be nominated for a major award

Paraphernalia Engineering 101
How to put together your Secret Utility Kit

Advanced Paraphernalia Engineering
Better Bongs and Gardens
Simple projects teach you how to build
functional pot paraphernalia from
inexpensive and disposable household items

Help me, I'm freaking, dude!
"The Paranoids" as a possible side effect of pot

Beat the Munchies
How to appease the nagging appetite
associated with toking up

Short Term Memory
We can't remember where this link goes

Stoned Things for Fun People
Games and toys for potheads

Weed Etiquette
Are there rules to smoking grass?!

When to Say When
How to know when you've had enough

Recommended Reading
PS Guide approved literature to free your mind

Weedy Links
PS Guide sanctioned sites 

From Whom it Concerned
Letters from stoners and others

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