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Advanced Engineering
Build a bong! Construct your own pot pipe! 
Carve and toke a carrot!
Use safety precautions!
Wear eye protection, bolt the doors and draw the curtains.
Materials not included.  Some assembly required. Tax, title, tags not included.  Offer void where prohibited by law.
The Bubbler

You will need:
A plastic Gatorade bottle
A pen casing
Some foil
A pipe screen
A bit of tape
Some weed  A neato waterpipe can be fashioned from a Gatorade bottle, a pen casing, some aluminium foil, a pipe screen and a bit of tape.  Cut a hole for the pen casing in the side of the Gatorade bottle.  Wrap aluminium foil around the pen casing about ten times.  Slide the foil up on the pen casing and bend the tip to fashion a bowl.  Tape the two together. Shove the pen into the hole at an angle, so that the tip touches one of the bottom "corners" of the bottle, or as close as possible while still leaving enough sticking out for the bowl.
  Seal the whole thing with tape.  Fill it to just below your pen hole with water.  Throw in some ice.  A little Kool-Aid makes it even nicer.  While the water is chilling, fashion a screen for the bowl by bending a standard pipe screen on and around the tip of a pen.  Shove the screened end of the pen into the bowl and fold down the edges.  You now have a super-quickie, removable screened, water cooled and filtered bubble bong.  Cool, huh?

Carrot pipe

You will need:
A carrot
Some weed
A knife
A coat hanger

 Cut the tip off a carrot.  Dig a hole in the fat end.  Drill a hole the long way, from cut tip to your bowl hole with the coat hanger.  Stuff in a screen.  Use the same method as above.  Fill the bowl with weed and toke up.  I wonder if it helps your eyesight?