Marijuana Movies


Reefer Madness (1937) 
a.k.a. The Burning Question, Tell Your Children
Legendary exploitation film warning viewers about the evils of marijuana. Who can forget Dave O'Brien shouting 'faster, faster!' to the pianist. With many equally ridiculous moments. A true classic.

Assassin of Youth (1937)
Amusing drug expose featuring a reporter who goes undercover to get the lowdown on reefer smoking youngsters. 'Shame, Horror, Despair, Weird Orgies, Wild Parties, Unreleased Passions!'

Marijuana - The Devil's Weed (1936)
Classic exploitation film warning about the dangers of dope. Starring Harley Wood.

Road to Ruin (1937) 
Even dumber than 'Reefer Madness' and 'Assassin of Youth' - both of which came out the same year. 'Road to Ruin' features young people turning to drugs and cheap liquor - and even boasts some Hayes-era nudity.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong

Cheech & Chong's
Next Movie

Cheech & Chong's
Nice Dreams

Cheech & Chong's
Still Smoking

Cheech & Chong's
Up in Smoke

The Corsican Brothers

Things Are Tough
All Over





Dazed and Confused


Fear And Loathing In
Las Vegas

Fast Times at Ridgemont Hight

National Lampoon's
Animal House

In The Mouth of



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