From Whom it Concerned
Letters of Approval, Outrage and Limited Posterity
Some names have been changed to prevent an investigation.


dear stoners,
I just wanted to say that your soap carving tip really helped out. Thanks to 
you, I brought a lot more than fond memories back from jamaica!
great website!
keep on smokin,
I can't believe you tried that!  Jeezus, man...that worked?!  Did that REALLY work?  You honesty pulled that off?!  Wow!!!  How about writing us and telling us about it.  Include photos, charts, graphs, templates, etcetera, if you have the time, or some crayons and the inclination.
Congrats on your haul!
Rev. C
P.S.  We can't believe that worked.


really nice site - probably the most interesting, level-headed, and frank discussion I've seen on the web without resorting to silly californian euphemisms...  the faq is superbly written, especially about the history of marijuana.  congrats  - we need more info that is intelligent, AND 
pro-weed, not just pro-weed.


y r

I don't recall any other letter accusing us of being level-headed.  Yo, Like, I'm soooo sure, yo.  Yo, I got the down-low on the fo'tweny, G.  My homies are always dissin' history, yo, but when I got some good history on my tip, I know what the future's all about...y'know what I'm sayin', yo?  Live to smoke, smoke to live.  Word up.  Peace straight out th' galaxy, homeslice.

MC Budnugget


hey rev.,
this is possibly the funniest site I have seen.... or remember... anyway, I just wanted to say good job, and thanks for reassuring me that I wasn't the only one hearing new parts of those songs (cypress hill makes so much sense 
now). And just cause bob marley is my prophet, I need to say that natty dread and kaya are the greatest (check out kaya's inside cover for some really tight artwork)! oh yeah, check out OPM and Cotton Mouth kings too... "how would life be if the world smoked weed?"
I haven't seen your movie list, the link was down, but definitely put fight club, half-baked, fantasia, and the big lebowski if they aren't already there.
I don't want to take up too much of you r time, thanks for making my laugh my ass off, keep on tokin,
the evil penguin in your closet
Us?!  With broken links and bad URLs?!  Nah, couldn't happen.  I don't believe it.  Not here.  Not ever.  Except, on days that have a letter "Y" somewhere in their name.  On those days something may be awry.

Something is always wrong with this site.  We try to blame it on the government, and the government workers that cruise this site on your tax dollars, blame it on the weed.  It really boils down to our inability to get our shit together to cross our T's, dot our lower-case J's and I's and fix this place up.  With us always having ludicrous amounts of fun, deseeding pot and physically pursuing new and better varieties of stoner music on a universal scale, this page is treated like an air-fern.  It really is truly embarrassing, with the amount of people that wander through here.  If it weren't for the fact that they are mostly potheads like ourselves, and won't remember it the next day, we'd do something about it.


This is one great site. I haven't laughed so hard or felt quite so educated in some time.
It would be great if you could fix up the "missing links" The "how to smoke pot" link leads to the mailbag link



Thanks for your support...but I don't know what you're talking about.  We would NEVER EVER have "missing links" here.  What we have is a backlogged system.  Those links are slowly being updated.  We write all of our pages in binary, and typically upload a single 1 or  0 each day.  Eventually they will just appear...keep checking.

yo, phatty site you got here
man, i'm so stoned right now, i love it...a couple things though: some of the links (movies, how to smoke, and a few others that i can't remember right now) lead to other stuff.  also, in the paraphernalia section, you neglected to add a "shotgun" or "carb-hole" to the bong.  lastly, i have two bands to add to your list of acceptable dope tunes: sublime and 311 are both awesome  stoner bands.
peace out,
Thank you for visiting The Pot-Smoker's Guide to the Galaxy.  We are aware of the broken and misguided links.  It is due to the broke and misguided editorial staff of The Guide.  They will be up and running as soon as possible.  We apologise for the inconvenience.
Our paraphernalia engineers are currently researching the nuances of bong-carbs.  We expect rough concept sketches sometime before Summer 2002.
Sublime and 311 not being on the List of Acceptable Dope Tunes is a great embarrasment to us, and we sincerely wish you hadn't brought it up.  That little oversight will be remedied immediately.


I must write briefly to inform you that your web page violates many nonternational codes governing the humorous (and occasionally lethal) combination of comedy and drugs.  "The Pot Smoker's Guide to the Galaxy" is without a doubt, one of the most hilarious sites I've seen.  Great Douglas Adams style...

"Grand Master Useless" 
Wonko the Sane

We don't acknowledge your stinking codes...and who is this Adams character? 
Actually, Grand Master Useless Wonko, we appreciate the flattering comments.  Anybody who can sass the original inspiration for the Pot-Smoker's Guide to the Galaxy is a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.

i have one band to add to your list, cypress hill. i don't know if you like rap or not, or if you like that bull shit no limit rap, but check them out, especially black sunday, and if you are in to acid, check out portishead.

peace straight out the ghetto

Yo, word, yo.


hey there
a few delectable titbits for your music section

1. Nirvana - Live on MTV Unplugged (its total chill out music man)
2. The Verve - Urban Hymns (If you can get a hold of this it's WELL worth it)
3. Portishead - Anything by them is great when smoking
4. The Doors - Most of their songs are good to listen to stoned
5. The Rolling Stones - Ditto
6. Radiohead - Anything by this group (WARNING: Can cause deep thinking)
7. Any form of Psychedelic Trance

If you want more stuff off me then you`ll need to make me an OFFICIAL CONTRIBUTOR!!!
MUHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! And together we can rule the pot smokers galaxy!!!

And now for something completely the same

Cool site by the way
Theres sooooooo much you can do with this !!!

Be happy, be stoned, just be :)
See ya
Stoned Guy Chris

My, but those tidbits were delectable.  They have also been included in the Official List of Acceptable Dope Tunes which, of course, makes you an OFFICIAL CONTRIBUTOR.  But alas, the Pot-Smoker's Guide to the Galaxy is not to be ruled.  We don't believe in rulers around here.  We are all individually sovereign and not currently in need of leadership.  You should check into it.  Thank your for the information, and by all means, keep it coming!


Hey!  I love your web page, it is great.  One of the links is dead, the hiding your pot one, but I'm sure you know that already.  I would love to see an update of the page.  Anyway, please add Phish to your list of music... it is essential.  Thanks, love the site!


Phish isn't in there?!
How in the hell did we manage that?  Just who was too stoned to include Phish when the Official List of Acceptable Dope Tunes. was compiled?!  We'll get to the bottom of this, immediately.  This will be somebody's ass.
Thank you for bringing this and the dead link to our attention.  It shouldn't take us more than three or four months to fix.  We, the editorial staff of the Pot-Smoker's Guide to the Galaxy, aren't the least bit efficient when dealing with tasks that require time-management skills or any sort of short-term memory...but we're fun to be around.

Used to bust people for possessing weed, doing the public a great service, right? What a load of bullshit! Never encountered a hostile or strung-out person on weed, never. Usually a normal, everyday guy or gal who just wanted to be left alone and catch a buzz and some laughs with friends. Had a change of job and lifestyle (attitude) and puffed the magic flower for the first  time. WOW!! This is for damn sure, if more folk would light up and relax, there would be a LOT LESS VIOLENCE and a HELLUVA LOT LESS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE than what we have going on now. Guarantee you that. What a damn waste, all this money for marijuana eradication. What a waste. Trust me I've been on both sides and yes we need law enforcement for certain (many violations) but not this. Regulation, like Tobacco is going through now maybe, but I believe what we need the most is to get off our stoned asses, band up and stand up and demand to be legislatively recognized as responsible, hardworking,  everyday citizens who should control our own private lives. Keep it up,  attitudes are changing, slowly but surely. Anyway 'nuff preaching, Great site ya have here, great laughs, see ya next time.


I couldn't agree more.  I am increasingly of the opinion that ignorance of the law is the best policy.  I am not insinuating that one should be ignorant of the law, quite the contrary, I believe that people should educate themselves as much as possible about their rights and how to assert them.  I do, on the other hand, think ignoring the laws that are unconstitutional and which violate your personal rights, (and therefore null and void,) instead of waiting for someone to eventually correct the problem, is a capital idea.
10-4, 1-Adam-12, 7-Mary-13 will 10-20 for a 4-20, Code.


But I'm not sure if I understand. Are you saying that smoking pot will or will not kill you? Little confused on that one. Also, you said this pot stuff is a flower. Well, I'll tell you, I've tried smoking a few daisies in my time and BOY HOWDY! they didn't do a GodDamn thing....pissed me off (and made me a little sick with the trots as well, but that's neither here nor there)...

Remembered some music to add to your music and dope page.....any Beatles album made between '66 and '70. Also, Blind Melon's Soup!!!!!
I'm sure I'll think of more later.


Thank you for for writing with your suggestions and personal experiences.  Your suggestions have been forewarded to the Research Team and they bow to your supreme comprehension of Marijuana Music Mechanics.  Both suggestions have been added to the list of Acceptable Dope Tunes and we look forward to further input from you.  Should you wish to devote your knowledge to a righteous cause, there's a seat on the board for you.

Rev. Chuckles the Sane