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Obligatory Disclaimer:

There are those among us who would much prefer that I be tied to a rock to watch vultures eat my liver than be permitted to communicate freely about a wide variety of subjects; a good many of which are freely addressed with glowing fondness in the following pages. We steadfastly deny any illegal, immoral or deviant behavior and any conflicting assumptions you may gather as a result of reading this material may be further regarded as a frivolous and delusional load of poo-poo. Any similarities to real events, people or previous works is pure coincidence.  No animals were harmed during the production of this publication.

This compendium contains unabashedly straight-forward information about the use of marijuana.  It also contains tips, tricks, suggestions, illustrations, photographs, opinions, facts, recipes, and instructions.  We make no claims as to the accuracy of any of the information contained herein, aside from the bits which are not acutely inaccurate.

If marijuana, self-expression, freedom of speech or an uncompromising appreciation for Pink Floyd offend you like wanton turds bobbing in the punchbowl, this page will irk you to a degree formerly reserved for baby-seal-bashers, street ministers and people who plant poopies in the punch.

If you are looking for solid, unbiased, detailed facts and figures about marijuana, you really are off to a piss-poor start.  There are no particularly helpful articles here.  We aren't knowledgeable in any of the useful applied sciences.  If we were, we would be trying to figure out more ways to build bigger and better bongs and gardens, not killing monkeys, drawing charts and asking for a grant for our trouble. The Pot-Smoker's Guide to the Galaxy exists for the purpose of entertainment and is not a very useful reference material, if one at all.  Do not try this at home.

We, The Editorial Staff of the Pot Smoker's Guide to the Galaxy are exceedingly of the opinion that the prohibition of marijuana is best ignored, and the prohibitionists themselves best avoided. We believe in the axiomatic existence of life, the undeniable right to liberty, and that getting high is a perfectly acceptable part of the pursuance of happiness.

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